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What Happens After You Sign Up

We gather your three credit reports and put together a Credit Restoration plan and prepare the necessary documents depending on what derogatory marks are on your credit. We develop the most crucial plan based on your credit with the proper preparation to the creditors/bureaus.

What Happens Next Month and Each Month After

We implement a second, third, fourth and so on round of documents to the creditors/bureaus to target other negative accounts hurting your credit depending on how bad your credit is. We use laws and guidelines and use them to your advantage. We use documents that have been prepared by an established attorney. Each month we continue to help restore and remain your credit in good standing.

After Your Credit Is Restored

We advise and help you. We continue to provide you full credit support and credit offers that you never had in your life. We will continue to be on your side when things might arise within your credit. Obviously we highly recommend to keep your credit cards under a 30% used balance at all times. We will always be here to help as long as you are a Credit Regret member.