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Setup a Privacy Guard Account which will provide you all three credit bureau Reports and Scores. It’s only $1 which you will then receive all three reports and scores and more. Once you completed registering a Privacy Guard Account, come back to this page and submit the form so that we can get started on restoring your credit.

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    What Privacy Guard Includes

    • All Three Bureau Credit Reports
    • All Three Bureau Credit Scores
    • Daily Credit Monitoring
    • Monthly Credit Score Tracking
    • Toll-Free Hotline Support
    • Identity Fraud Support Service
    • And much more!

    Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Privacy Guard

    We recommend not cancelling your Privacy Guard account because of what it provides. It secures your credit and your identity. It will notify you every time you or anyone applies for credit with your personal information. With identity issues in the United States at it’s highest, we recommend not canceling, but it’s entirely up to you.